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For eBay Ad of Navilaca Plantation Resort Site in Fiji for Sale

"I can usually find your Fiji Islands Dream Property within one hour.  I am an American who has bought and sold property in the Fiji Islands.  For Fast and Reliable connections and service, visit our properties and EMAIL ME about the locations you are interested in."
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Dave Woolley


8 acre island in the Rainbow Reef Area
Freehold 100% Full Ownership Title • Close to J. Cousteau Resort
$1 million USD

fiji land for sale
fiji land for sale
fiji land for sale
fiji land for sale
fiji land for sale
fiji land for sale
fiji land for sale


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''FIJI AT A GLANCE: Fiji is an exotic, beautiful group of 322 islands located in the hub of the south pacific with a total land area of 18, 333 sq. km. a former British colony, Fiji has been independent since 1970 and has a multi-racial population of around 790,000. Fiji is blessed with a warm tropical climate, beautiful beaches, breathtaking coral reefs, attractive flora, a unique blend of cultures and a friendly hospitable people. The smiling face of Fiji really is a tourist paradise. English is the official language and is spoken throughout the islands. Tourism is now the most significant industry with almost 400,000 visitors per year. Many overseas visitors are acquiring freehold land to build homes or to hold for investment. Homes are also currently available on this web site and are also zoned freehold. In the entire south pacific, there is a surprising scarcity of land available for purchase by citizens of other countries. The great majority of land is held in perpetual trust for the Fijian people and only 9% has freehold title that can be bought and re-sold. Freehold land is, indeed, a precious commodity. Please contact me regarding any of the above available properties. I will be reached immediately and will respond within 1 hour. Any questions you may have regarding these above properties please don’t hesitate to ask. I will also send along additional information regarding the property you have interest in and remember; buying in Fiji is easy. It’s an English based legal system, safe, secure and definitely one of the world’s most beautiful places. 'Bula' and hope to hear from you soon''.


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