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25 Acres/Freehold
100% Full Ownership Title


Purchased from King George 'V' of England in the mid 1800’s by trader Caleb Hawkins, the property passed down through his family and was named Levukalailai. Undaunted by Hawkins’ fatal crash on the reef passage, traders continued to ensure that the port flourished with their large schooners. During the copra heyday in Fiji in the early 1900’s it was an important trading port named Navilaca where hundreds of tons of copra were bought and shipped to refineries. In subsequent years it has been subdivided into smaller plantations. During the 50’s and 60’s it was renowned in Fiji for its Sunday horse races on the beach and boxing matches by the locals in the natural amphitheater commonly known as “Navilaca Madison Square Garden”.

The Resort Property is part of a 240 acre Copra Plantation located on the Fijian Island of Vanua Levu near the town of Savusavu. It consists of 25+/- acres of very versatile and diverse Freehold land. With rolling hills and ridges down to 1000 feet of white sand beach and bordered on one side by a beautiful tree lined river. Throughout the property are many varieties of fruit and citrus including mango, guava, lime and banana. There is also a wide range of indigenous trees and flowers, majestic Raintree and Vesi, Hibiscus, various ferns and lilies. 

The property and surrounding areas offer a wide range of activities to offer guests. Beachside there is snorkeling, reef walks, catamaran sailing, kayaking and sunbathing, a deepwater access to the Koro Sea allows for diving, sport fishing and outer island excursions. There are two nearby waterfalls that can be visited and the local village can do tours and sell handicrafts. They would also be able to perform a meke, traditional Fijian songs and dance, traditional Kava ceremonies and also local bands. 


The property is rich in natural resources that will aid in the development and construction phase of the resort. Gravel and sand, essential ingredients for concrete are in abundance as well as materials for roads and walking paths. Raintree can be milled for floors, counters and cabinets.

Two local villages can provide labor at very reasonable rates. They and their ancestors have been working collecting copra and caring for the land for over 100 years.

The owners are very experienced with building in Fiji using local materials and modern methods, and are willing to aid in the concept, design and construction phases’ right up to opening. There is owner financing available and discount for cash.

Here are some of the local things to do:

Navilaca Plantation Resort Property

  • Over 800 feet of white sand beach

  • 20 +/ Acres

  • Rolling Hills and ridges

  • Bordered by Navilaca Creek

  • Versatile Landscape

  • Deep Water access

  • Majestic Raintree

  • Construction Resources available on site

  • Assistance with design and construction

  • Owner financing available

    Activities available to guests on site

  • Reef exploration

  • Snorkeling

  • Kayaking

  • Horseback Riding

  • SCUBA Diving

  • Sport Fishing

  • Coconut shows-use of and process of copra drying

  • Local Entertainment – Meke & Band Nights

  • Kava Ceremonies

  • Wedding ceremonies

  • Sailing

  • Rainforest Hikes

    Activities that could be provided by Resort

  • Tennis

  • Croquet

  • Lawn bowling

  • Swimming pool

  • Game room

  • Video room

  • Horseshoes

  • Pitch and putt

    Activities close proximity

  • Waterfall Hikes

  • Village tours

  • Local handicraft demonstrations

  • Red Prawn Adventure Tour

  • Taviuni Island Tours

Other useful information

In 2003 the Prime Minister launched a “look North” program within government to assist Vanua Levu and especially the Savusavu area to continue building the “Riviera of the South Pacific”.

The Savusavu Tourism Association is a local resource owners association that works with the local government and other agencies to promote and market Savusavu worldwide. It is well represented in all Fijian associations including the Tourism Forum, the Fiji Visitors Bureau, and the Fiji Hotel Association. It has been very active in the moving of the RoRo Ferry dock to Valonga Bay and the formation of a Savusavu Master Tourism Plan. The association has put together a Savusavu Tourism Brochure that is given to potential clients throughout the world.

The Hibiscus Highway Association has been formed by the resource owners and local villages to prod the government to upgrade and tar seal the roads, upgrade telephone system, bring in power and upgrade the Savusavu airport.

Airports Fiji Limited has announced that in 2004 they would upgrade the airport facility by adding a new terminal building with retail shops and restaurant, add apron space to park more planes which will allow bigger and faster planes into the airport and to seek assistance to extend the runway. 

Navilaca Plantation is located on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island and a 40 minute airplane ride from Nadi International Airport. The international flight it leaves LA at midnight and you will arrive in Nadi between 5:30 and 6:00 am, the inter island flight will leave Nadi at 8 am and get you on island before 9. You could be at your home before 10am which makes the trip easier without having to layover anywhere during the trip. The return is just as easy as there are afternoon flights back to Nadi and a short wait until the international flight leaves that evening, again without the need of a layover.

Navilaca is located on over a mile and a half of beachfront of which only a little more than half a mile is what we call freehold land. Freehold land can be purchased by foreign investors and clear title is given. The remainder of the land around Navilaca is Native land and can never be sold. The closest village is ¾ of a mile away and can not be seen from the property. The closest freehold to Navilaca is 5 miles away. Tadra Na Vanua Ltd. Holds 240 acres and approximately 1 km of beachfront. We have currently taken ½ of it and subdivided it into 10 large estate lots and are selling them for U$ 300,000 each. We have designated the other half as a resort/private residence site that is made up of over 1000 feet of beachfront and consists of 25 acres of property and are asking $ 2.2 million USD. To gain more privacy there is a stretch of adjoining beachfront that is Native land and a 99 year lease can be made ensuring no one can build near the property.

The nearby Fijian people are very accommodating and simple people, growing crops and fishing the waters. They are not fazed or jealous by wealth or fame. At Namale we had many stars come and go without most staff knowing who they were. Namale has been owned by Tony Robbins for over 14 years and he can come and go as he pleases. Gavin DeBecker, he is a security consultant for Hollywood also owns property here. He brings the likes of George Harrison and Brooke Shields down frequently for visits because of the easy private lifestyle of the island and the ease and privacy getting here. 

As far as building and materials go there are many timber mills on the island that can supply most everything needed to build. The property has all materials to make concrete and roads. I have been building for over 5 years and have a well trained crew which can construct high quality buildings. The labor rate for local craftsmen is very reasonable with the highest carpenter making about U$ 2.00 per hour.

I have worked with several Architects and Engineers in Fiji. They could help design what you are visualizing or you could have your design sent to them to be sure it conforms to Fiji standards. Building permits and inspections are very easy to acquire.

My background. I have been building in Fiji for over 5 years and have a close relationship with all government inspectors and agencies. Having built over $3 million USD worth of buildings and infrastructure, which in Fiji is equivalent to over $6 million FD – including the first sewage treatment plant and microwave tower for high speed internet, the only two lane 10 pin bowling alley in the South Pacific and designed and built Fiji’s first fully dedicated spa I can cover a wide range of building and design needs. I believe in the traditional method of building in Fiji because of the local workers ability to use the local materials but also go for a much more modern approach in design to make the buildings on par with today’s lifestyles.


Beautiful Fiji

25 acres  Freehold Fiji Islands Resort Site
Price: 2.2 million USD


2.5 Acres • White Sand Beach Front Vanua Levu
Close To Savusavu $300k USD

2.5 Acres • White Sand Beach Front Vanua Levu
Close To Savusavu • 

Plot Map

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