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1528 Acres -
White Sand Tropical Beach Front Retreat


Plantation Photos | Property Features | Diloi Plantation Inventory


Diloi Estate (Nukudamu Plantation) is a unique 1528 acre tropical plantation retreat that boasts a rich history as a copra (coconut) plantation and possesses an astonishing array of physical attributes including white sandy beaches and a hardwood rain forest.

Through a combination of the current owner's efforts and Land planning policies of the Fiji Government, the property IS well suited for a wide range of residential resort and hotel development or can be maintained in its current idyllic state as a private retreat.

The plantation has a breath-taking view of Buca Bay and neighboring Kioa and Taveuni islands. 

The residential compound also contains, generator room, and several mango and other fruit trees, banana and papaya trees, all located on approximately 5 acres of lawn and grassy hilltop area.

A gravity feed water supply system is fed into a storage tank located on a hilltop above and fed year-round from an underground spring. The system can be easily improved and enlarged to provide for further residential development or swimming pool etc.

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Diloi Plantation Photos

Diloi Plantation
White Sand Beach

Diloi PlantationDiloi Plantation
Views Of Buca Bay From Plantation

Diloi Plantation
Building Site

Diloi Plantation
Plantation Banana Tree

Diloi Plantation
Glorious Views
Diloi Plantation
Huge quantities of fresh water including an array of streams, waterfalls and springs.

Diloi Plantation
Small Island off property

Diloi Plantation
Fijian Village Close To Diloi Plantation


Diloi Plantation is one of the few remaining large freehold (fee simple) land holdings in the area. With only 8% of the total land area of Fiji being privately owned, an upward pressure exists on freehold land values.

Fiji is one of the few countries in the world where non-citizens can own fee-­simple land and enjoy a democratic and unobtrusive form of government in the bargain.

The plantation is blessed with huge quantities of fresh water-including an array of streams, waterfalls and springs that flow exclusively from the property's own watershed.

The property is protected from the infrequent high winds by neighboring islands as well as by a mountain peak to the rear.

The property's beach frontage possesses two natural channels for yacht slips and anchorage.

The gently sloping sandy beach shelf allows swimming and diving activities at all tides, which is not the case in many Fiji locations.

Conceptual plans and survey maps have been produced for development of a small resort (bungalow-type) and hotel development. Building materials can be taken from the property's forest both to reduce cost of development as well as enhancing the island motif through use of the native hardwood timber and finishes.

The plantation contains fertile soil for domestic planting and development of specialty crops such as cocoa; vanilla; orchids, etc.

Direct - dial International phone service is available to the plantation.

The 1000+ acre rain forest is a natural Disneyland of plants and animals, waterfalls and water slides, swinging vines and jungle sounds, yet contains no poisonous snakes or Insects to mar the enjoyment of the experience.


Vanua Levu Map
Red dots signify location of SAVUSAVU (left) and BUCA BAY (right).


Diloi Plantation has been an operating copra plantation for several decades and played an important role in the local history and color of plantation life in colonial Fiji .

A summary of the property's attributes and natural features include:

  • 1200 acre hardwood rain forest with flora that boasts towering hardwood trees over sixty feet high; a myriad variety of tropical plants, ferns and fungi
  • Rain forest fauna includes wild boar, a variety of rare birds and tropical parrots, and streams teeming with fresh-water shrimp
  • 9 acre( with engineering and survey plans for enlargement to 30 acres) beach frontage parcel designated for possible development of a resort-hotel
  • Picturesque Buca Bay with predominantly smooth water, well protected from wind and rough seas
  • Extensive coral heads and reefs, just yards off the beach, teeming with fish and a kaleidoscope of colorful coral for diving, snorkeling and fishing
  • 1 1/4 miles of total beach frontage with shallow sandy beach dropping in various locations to deep water for yacht harbor/marina development
  • Approximately 1/2 mile of the beach frontage comprised of white sand which is the only location with any significant amount of white-sand beach in the closed-end of the bay
  • A complete range of land forms ranging from flat beach areas to gently sloping agricultural land- and a steep mountainous peak
  • 200+ acres of extremely fertile soil for production of fresh fruit and vegetables or cattle raising
  • Scores of acres ideally suited for various types of residential and resort development with panoramic views and easy beach access
  • Several historical/archeological sites exist on the property and on the properties adjoining the plantation
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